Request for public comments on the consensus on pediatric POCUS education

April 2023
Education and Training committee, Japanese Society of Emergency Pediatrics
Working group on consensus on pediatric POCUS education

The Education and Training Committee of the Japanese Society of Emergency Pediatrics has established the working group on the consensus on pediatric POCUS (point-of-care ultrasound) education as a sub-organization of the Committee and has been working to develop the consensus. POCUS refers to ultrasound that are performed at the bedside by the physician examining the patient, rather than by a radiologist or sonographer. Now that the draft has been completed, we have decided to ask for public comments in order to receive a wide range of opinions, including from members of the academic community.

The characteristics of the consensus on pediatric POCUS education

  1. The consensus is aiming at pediatric trainees aiming to become a board-certified pediatrician in Japanese Pediatric Society or doctors involved in pediatric primary care
  2. The consensus is created to help pediatric emergency care in reference to the consensus published overseas and adapting the consensus to the current situation on the use in ultrasound in Japan
  3. The consensus is created by using modified Delphi method to avoid being influenced by mutual individual opinions

The consensus on pediatric POCUS education is consisted of nine areas including the head and neck, lung, heart, abdomen, gastrointestinal tract, renal-genitourinary, musculoskeletal, and ultrasound-guided procedure, and resuscitation, which are considered as essential for pediatric emergency care.

It would be great if you could give us comments or suggestions on the following two

  1. Consensus on pediatric POCUS educationspan (Japanese version)
  2. Consensus on pediatric POCUS education (English version)

It would be great if you follow the instructions below and provide us with your comments or suggestions

  1. Application period: From 21 April 2023 to 20 May 2023
  2. How to submit your comments:
  3. QRコード
    • Use the opinion submission form
    • Please access the link or the QR code below
    • Email to the Japan Society of Emergency Pediatrics
    • Please send your opinions to the society secretariat ( ) with the subject title “public comment on the consensus on pediatric POCUS education”.
  4. Others
    • We will ask you for your name and contact details in case we need to ask for your comments again. However, personal information will not be used for any other purpose than to receive this public comment.
    • Your public comment may be made public in a from that does not identify you personally. Please be aware of it in advance.